Looking Forward to 2023

Brethren and Friends, I am deeply honored to have been elected once again to serve Acalanes Fellowship Lodge No. 480, F&AM, as Master.

Our lodge has weathered many challenges since the oubreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m particularly grateful to the leadership and fortitude of Wor. Adam Hanin and Wor. Terry Killgore over the past three years. Wor. Hanin kept Acalanes Fellowship active and engaged through two difficult years, in the process producing one of the finest programs of Masonic Education and fraternal engagement I’ve seen in my nearly two decades of Masonry. Wor. Killgore led us out of the pandemic with a focus on events and engagement that helped us to reinvigorate the lodge and membership after two years of entirely virtual activities. Acalanes Fellowship is a stronger lodge today for their efforts, and the year ahead looks brighter than perhaps any in our past because of their efforts.

We are fortunate to enter the new year with not only a tremendously engaged leadership line of seasoned Masons, but also a robust corps of great new Masons who have spent this past year studying our noble Craft and ascending through the Degrees. As a result, our officers’ line will be strong in 2023. Here are the officers we will be installing on December 3:

2023 Acalanes Fellowship Officers

Master: Robert S. Strohmeyer, PM
Senior Warden: Bradley O. Rupert, PM
Junior Warden: Peter A. Peterson
Treasurer: David L. Kreutzinger
Secretary: C. Randall Tolerton, PM
Chaplain: Frank H. Shoffner
Senior Deacon: Mark A. Williams
Junior Deacon: Kaveh Astaneh
Marshal: Frederick T. Lezak, Jr.
Tiler: Chandler S. Eason, Jr.
Organist: John P. Minagro

We have several brethren currently slated to receive their Third Degrees in the new year, and two of those brothers, Christopher Benz and Robert Seitelman, have zealously volunteered to serve as our Senior and Junior Steward, respectively, on becoming Master Masons. I look forward to installing them in their stations as soon as possible, and to witnessing the unfoldment of their Masonic careers.

Please join us for our annual Installation of Officers on Saturday, December 3, at 5pm. Registration is now open. Families and friends are most welcome, and there is no charge for the dinner. We just need your RSVP as soon as possible to reserve your seats. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

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