August, 2017

The July Stated Meeting Luau went off very well, the whole responsibility for which had landed on the shoulders of our Senior Deacon. It was great to see so many attend, all having a great time. The musicians, dancers and the fire dancer were judged to be a great success, but as we have noted on the past two occasions, holding the event at a Stated Meeting is just a bit trying for the officers and organizers. So don’t be surprised if the next one is held on a Saturday, maybe starting at 5 instead of 6, but with perhaps an hour more entertainment. That might also encourage a larger attendance (we had nearly 50 and it is clear that we can easily accommodate 100).

Coming up we have the next Stated Meeting on August 1 when we will put on a slide show of our favorite bits of the UK trip. On August 12 we will be presenting the Hiram Award to Otis Simonson. The event starts at 4:30 pm with dinner to follow. On August 19 we have our visitation to Mendocino Lodge where our Past Master’s team will Pass Bother Zhao to the degree of Fellow Craft. Come join us for a great weekend. There will be camping Friday through Sunday and BBQ Saturday late afternoon at Tunzi Ranch (Comptche).  Hotels in Fort Bragg are reasonably priced. My personal favorite is the Harbor Lite.

And finally, the thoughts I passed to the Master at Ethelfleda Lodge after exemplifying the California Second Degree:

“Though Freemasonry seems to be shrinking due to the pressure of our “go-go” society, we have an ever more urgent duty to illuminate Truth and Morality to the world. It is my considered opinion that we must be selective in who we make Masons and inculcate them with a sense of belonging to a very exclusive fraternity to which their attention must be directed. This exclusivity in fact generates a greater wish to belong and a greater wish to be seen to belong. However, we must also take care that Masonry does not become an obstacle between Mason and Family, but a reinforcement of those bonds of family so essential to stabilizing this ever more unstable world. It is my belief that it is this personal outreach into the world and our communities that we must encourage. And demonstrate our commitment to our ideals by walking uprightly in our several stations before God and man.”

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