April 2016

It is a good thing to be capable and confident in an emergency. I have had to personally respond to an emergency on three separate occasions and am fortunate that I had the necessary training so I could act appropriately. At the end of February we held an emergency response class at the lodge so we would have more trained responders in our lodge.

In the class we learned CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use, and First Aid.  There are now 19 individuals who know how to operate the AED purchased by the Hall Association, which will be installed soon.  If you would like to contribute to the cost of the AED for the lodge, please remit your check to Brad Rupert, the Hall Association Treasurer (Brad Rupert, Treasurer, PO Box 1, Lafayette, CA 94549).

Our lodge officers recently hosted the monthly District Officers School of Instruction (DOSI), where we welcomed the officers of Orinda Lodge and Bay Cities Lodge, who are part of our district. The purpose of these sessions is to help the officers improve their ceremonial skills and to reinforce the lessons we are taught through masonry. It is also a time when we can socialize with our brethren from other lodges. There are inspectors and officers coaches who work with us who have dedicated many hours improving their own skills. I am grateful for the services of our inspector, Worshipful Greg Thompson, PM and our three lodge coaches Wor. Tom Riley, PM, Wor. Michael Roberts, PM and Wor. Gary Sparks, PM.

On May 14, we will celebrate Most Worshipful Alvin Weis PGM’s 50 years in Masonry. PGM Weis has been a role model for many through the years, and has helped us along our masonic journey. It was an honor to have him serve as my coach when I took the degrees of masonry. I encourage you to join us to honor this extraordinary man and his Masonic legacy on May 14 at the Union City Masonic Homes, starting at 4:00 PM. Following the ceremony we will have a Hawaiian Luau. Since space is limited, please let me know no later than April 14 if you will attend (Marion Rogers, 925-596-3312, marion.rogers@comcast.net). Wives and guests are invited.

Masons have a long history of supporting education for our children, and our Grand Master has declared April to be Public Schools Month. On April 22, we will be gathering at Sankofa Academy in Oakland to meet the school staff, tour their facilities and celebrate their contributions to educating our youth. If you would like to join us just let us know. The program begins at 8:15 AM.

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