July, 2018

At our Stated Meeting dinner during the month of June we had a guest speaker, Past Honored Queen Jesse DeMercurio of Job’s Daughters Bethel #247 provided us with an informational presentation about this youth order and invited us to attend their upcoming installation ceremony to be held at Acalanes Fellowship Lodge on Tuesday June 12, 2018. The emphasis of her presentation was the importance of Masons engaging and supporting all Masonic Youth Orders by attending their meetings, becoming mentors and of course financially. Without Masons engaging, Masonic Youth Orders such as Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls and DeMolay simply cannot survive.

On Saturday June 9th, Acalanes Fellowship lodge returned to the Masonic Homes outdoor lodge room to confer a double 2nd degree for brothers Reynold Dandan and Andre Sternang. The degree went very well, and our excellent cast of ritualists put on a fabulous degree for these two brothers. Afterward we enjoyed a picnic buffet and a handful of us went on tours of the facilities conducted by actual residents of the Masonic homes. If you have yet to visit the Masonic Homes in either Union City or Covina I highly encourage you to do so.

On Tuesday June 12th the Job’s Daughters Bethel held an initiation at Acalanes Fellowship Lodge and a handful of Brethren from our lodge joined me in attending this very important occasion. As you may not be aware, the Jobs Daughters Bethel #247 has been struggling for over 2 years to boost its membership. This initiation was extra special as they had guest ritualists from three different Bethels to fill the stations. Without the assistance of these other Bethels this initiation would not have been possible. They had three initiates that night and for the first time ever had a full house (sideliners) and a choir. The initiation was very informative to me and I now have a much better understanding of what the Job’s Daughters are about, and I highly encourage you all to attend their next meeting. If you would like more information about the Job’s Daughters or any other youth order, please contact me and I’ll be happy to direct you to the local contact.

It is hard to believe that the month of July is already here! We will have our monthly stated meeting on July 3rd and as with lodge tradition go dark for the rest of the month. I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July holiday and look forward to seeing everyone during the month of August.

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