April, 2018

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Brethren of Acalanes Fellowship Lodge for sending the three principal officers of the lodge to the Master and Wardens retreat in Monterey the 1st weekend in March. This was an excellent opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in numerous breakout sessions with Masters and Wardens of other lodges from all over California.

In these breakout sessions, we discussed best practices in such topics as long-term lodge planning, setting appropriate dues and fees, from leader to mentor, email communications best practices and lodge culture and identity. As in the past, Acalanes Fellowship Lodge was well represented by several Past Masters who are instrumental keynote speakers at these retreats, including our very own Very Worshipful Allan Casalou (Grand Secretary) and Worshipful Gary Charland who is the President and CEO of the Masonic Homes of California.

Once again Acalanes Fellowship Lodge has pledged 100% Officer contributions to the Masonic
charities. In addition, Jason Harding, Entered Apprentice with Acalanes Fellowship Lodge also
played an instrumental role in the successful implementation of this retreat. It was an honor to spend
this weekend with your future lodge Leaders, our Senior Warden Bob Strohmeyer and Junior
Warden Adam Hanin. They are already hard at work preparing for their year as Master and I am
looking forward to seeing them both sitting in the oriental chair.

The month of April will be another busy month for Acalanes Fellowship Lodge. Our monthly Stated
Meeting will take place on Tuesday April 3rd. After dinner we will have guest speaker Kristen
Anderson giving us a presentation on the Raising a Reader program in honor of Public Education
Month. On Thursday, April 26th at 9am there will be the annual Raising a Reader program event at
Bridges Academy which is one of the public schools which has implemented the program. I urge you
all to come and see firsthand the importance of promoting literacy to children and how this program
continues to make a positive difference in the lives of these amazing students. Our Grand Master,
Most Worshipful Bruce Galloway, will be in attendance. On Tuesday, April 24th we will have our
monthly lodge social potluck starting at 6:30pm.

Our next degree will take place on Tuesday May 22nd for our 1st degree candidate Mr. Dale Satre at
6:30pm. All Masons are welcome and encouraged to attend.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

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