Life Members


Membership for Life

Commitment to Masonry comes in many forms.  The following Brethren have shown their commitment by becoming Life Members in our Lodge.  The Lodge and our Brethren will continue to benefit from their generosity for years and generations to come, and they inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Wilbert B. Adams, PM

George Affolter, PM

Peter J. Axtman

James R. Barley

Roy E. Beitelschees, PM

George S. Blodgett

Nicholas M. Bloisa

Michael D. Brown, PM

Milton F. Bruzzone

Donald B. Burnett

Roger G. Burt

Wallace R. Campbell

Scott E. Carter

Russell J. Chapman

Frederick J. Chudley

John B. Cook

Norman W. Crane

Paul J. Crawford

Francis J. Ebert

Frank P. Essert

Gary B. Estes

Ernest R. Everett

Harold L. Gates

William S. Glueck

E. A. Haglund, PGM

Robert D. Haile

Lee B. Hertzberg

William Hockenberry

Henry L. Hoffman

Richard A. Kellogg

Leonard A. Love

William W. Mac Murchy

Alan J. Mac

Stephen E. Milano

William A. Miller, PM

Walter J. Moser

John J. Mulhall

Jay J. Newman

Gerald E. Patchen

Donald A. Pauli

George R. Peck

Peter A. Peterson

Robert L. Polvi

Roger L. Poynts

Ronald J. Reese

Marion P. Rogers

Thomas E. Riley, III, PM

David M. Shull

Arne Simonsen, PM

William B. Simpson

William J. Smith

Charles E. Toll

Dean D. Van Norman

James M. Vincent, PM

Gearld W. Walker

Alvin J. Weis, PGM

Michael S. Weis

James L. Yribarren, PM

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