Other Tributes


Other Tributes and Acknowledgements

We are grateful for and further acknowledge the following men and women for their dedication and generosity to our Lodge and which has helped make Acalanes Fellowship Lodge such a special place and group of people.

Our Bible Tradition

Many Lodges, including Acalanes Fellowship, have a tradition of presenting as a gift the bible on which a newly raised Master Mason took his oath.  In our Lodge, the tradition was began by Past Master John Cook and his wife Jan.  John and Jan were not only active members of our Lodge, but also community leaders.  John-JanAs an educator Jan had a profoundly positive impact on the children of the Pleasant Hill School System.

John and Jan provided the bibles to our new Master Masons as a personal gift.  After their passing, the tradition was carried on by Brothers Gates, Yribarren and Galop as a tribute to John and Jan.

In December 2006 the Lodge made the gift of the bible a permanent part of our Third Degree program. We will always remember how the tradition began.



Founders of the Acalanes Masonic Building Association

“The purpose for which the said corporation is formed are as follows; To acquire real and personal property and to erect, construct, equip and maintain a Masonic Temple for the use of Acalanes Lodge No. 723. Free and Accepted Masons fort the State of California.”

— Filed November 18, 1954

J. Harold McCrum, WM

Bayard H. Burnett, SW

Donald H. Fibush

Roy J. Heffner

Harding T. Crandall

Arthur W. Westlund

Roland T. Duncan

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