February, 2019

Fraternal greetings from the East, my brethren.

February is Masonic Widows’ Month, and we focus together this month
on ensuring the well-being and welfare of the widows of our lost brethren.
Every man should take care to look after those in need, but the care and
concern for our widows is particularly incumbent on Masons.

The legends of our order illustrate for us the importance of caring for the
widow, and counsel us to remember that we, each one of us, tender a
delicate grasp on the life of this world. We are taught to look after one
another, and care for each other’s families according to their need and our
ability. These charitable obligations should not be unique to Freemasonry,
but for us they are paramount for the building of a better world.

Freemasonry is not merely some men’s club, concerned only with the
trivial entertainment of its members. It is a family of brothers, and the fold
of that family encompasses one another’s wives, widows, sisters, mothers,
and daughters. We lovingly refer to these members of our family as our

On Saturday, February 16, we will be hosting our annual Sweethearts
Dinner. The event will be held at Pasta Primavera in Walnut Creek, beginning at 5:30 PM. Brother Terry Killgore, our Junior Warden, has arranged for guests to select from a menu of entrees at the event, so the fare is sure to appeal to all. As always, the price for brethren is modest, and Sweethearts dine free. I hope you will all RSVP online, as
this is a truly special event for our Lodge.

If you know of a Masonic widow who may not be aware of the event, I ask that you please reach out to her and extend the invitation. We will also be sure to provide transportation for any widow who needs a ride. Please inform either myself or Brother Killgore if you’re aware of anyone who needs assistance.

We should also remember to support our Masonic Homes, this month and always. The Masonic Homes were created to shelter widows and children in need, and continue to provide truly excellent care for our seniors. The
operation of these important facilities in Union City and Covina, as well as our Masonic Outreach Services that provide care for those still living in their homes or in other retirement communities, requires substantial donations from Masons like us.

I ask that you all join me in making a contribution to our charities this month. Better yet, if you haven’t already, please consider making a monthly contribution to the Let’s Write the Future campaign.

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